Programs & Achievments

Proceeding from our religious and national values, the Foundation contributes to the implementation of its projects and initiatives to serve the human being and develop the place along with the approved entities, institutions and associations in line with our country’s vision 2030 in various humanitarian, cultural, health, scientific, and social aspects in accordance with the programs and objectives of the Foundation that seek to achieve sustainability, community development and charitable works.

Constructions of God's Houses

Holy Quran Program

Ramadan Food Distribution

Support Program to Perform Hajj & Omrah

Spread Knowledge

Scholarship Program

Support Program For Establishment of Scientific & Cultural Institutions

Medical Care

The Subsidy Program

Program Assisting Those with Special Needs

Orphan Caring Program

Helping Youth To Get Married Program

Charity Organizations Supporting Program

Support Programs Under The Name of Hassan Abbas Sharbatly Charity Foundation

Future Projects